Monday, December 17, 2012

[Halo] Forerunner Timeline as I understand it

So far, this is how I picture the events to have taken place during the Human-Forerunner and Forerunner-Flood Wars

  • Human-Forerunner War
  • Ur-Didact defeats the Humans and devolves them
  • Discovery of the Flood by the Forerunners
  • Brief Forerunner-Flood War
  • Commissioning of Halos to eradicate the Flood should they emerge again
    •  Ur-Didact opposes to this for his belief in the Mantle and eventually exiled on Erde-Tyrene
  • Bornstellar discovers Ur-Didact's Cryptum and wakes him
  • The two travel to various scarred Worlds and Ur-Didact bestows his memories and knowledge to Bornstellar via a Brevet Mutation
  • They are found by Master Builder Faber who exiles Ur-Didact to a Flood invested planet
  • Bornstellar is returned to Forerunner territory and becomes the new Didact
  • Forerunner capital attacked by Mendicant Bias and Faber executed due to War Crimes
  • Bornstellar finds Mendicant's installation (Halo 7), commandeers it to obtain the Composer

  • [Unknown Events]
  • Flood threat arises again
  •  Ur-Didact returns and prepares for battle
    • Uses human population on Halos to compose an army of Prometheans
  • The Librarian seriously abhors this act and imprisons the Ur-Didact on Requiem
  • The Librarian completes Indexing of Sentient Species
  • [Unknown Events .. but include implantation of Genesong to John-117's ancestors, possibly with an imprint of Forthencho (wild wild guess since he was the greatest threat to the Ur-Didact)]

  • (Presumably) Bornstellar activates the Halo Array to cleanse the Galaxy

Thursday, August 16, 2012

[Rant] Thanks HTC

Thanks for the update HTC. It made it much easier to decide whether I should buy a One XL. I am now the proud owner of a Galaxy Nexus. After using HTC devices since the Nexus One, I'm afraid to say its time to break-up. Loved my DHD for the past years - it shall now reside proudly on a plynth. Seeing how you have listened to your loyal fanbase recently, my next phones are definitely going to be Nexuses (unless Google decides to award you the contract, in which case, I shall stick with the other players in the market). Thanks for the ride though.


My rant is about HTC not releasing an update to the all-so-good Desire HD after telling customers since early 2012 that the device would indeed be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich or version 4.0 (ICS).

The fact remains that the device is capable of running ICS.

So, if you are planning to buy an HTC phone; think again.  Although HTC used to be very attentive to customers, they have been very uncooperative on this matter even though a petition was sent through. They should atleast have made an ICS version available without their Sense UI or provide (power-) users with the option to choose whether they want to upgrade or not.

The minute I switched on my Galaxy Nexus, I was provided the option to upgrade to version 4.1 Jelly Bean of Android.  I could not be any happier about my decision to drop buying an HTC One XL; which is a great phone as per the reviews but with such support from HTC, the phone will be obsolete by the next update to Android. 

The Galaxy Nexus on the other hand will receive the next update of Android since even a Nexus S (predecessor to the Galaxy Nexus) obtained an upgrade to 4.1 (not just 4.0).  The Nexus S was released around the same time as the HTC Desire HD with the latter being more powerful specs-wise!!!

18 Aug: XDA-devs have officially done what HTC could not! Hallelujah!