Friday, May 04, 2007

Microsoft Acquires Firefox !?

A usual check of my email dragged me to this one superb article on Yahoo! while I was on its home page.  It talks about Microsoft acquiring Firefox, and just made it better.  Both thrilled and saddened by this news, I went forward and checked the "official" website.  Amazing.  Its blended with the new Microsoft design and everything is well polished.  They even published the video for the marketing and I can tell you its one hell of a video - so funny yet so professional.  Give a look when you want.

All this to say that the guy after the website went to some length and troubles making all the plot look so nice.  Yes, people as some of you may have guessed, it was all a carefully planned and much elaborated masterpiece of the digital era in which we live and get mistaken and tricked easily, by what is termed as phishing.

But I didn't get caught or tricked or anything like that, since the article I was reading on Yahoo! was "The Top 25 Hoaxes and Pranks."  Want to read for yourself, find the link just below:

Enjoy!  Aaah, don't forget to watch the video, you'll be perplexed by this guy's creativity...Worth being a Microsoft Marketing Manager.

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