Friday, October 05, 2007

Ogame Account Give-up

After a glorious 2 years of Ogame-ing, I have decided that the time for me to part with this absolutely wonderful piece of online entertainment has come.

Thus, I am giving up my account, which is worth above 400,000 points and is located in Universe 3 of  Anyone who wants it is free to send me an email to with the subject line Ogame or leave a comment on this blog.

Its a first-come, first-serve basis.  Try your luck if you want it and my best wishes for a wonderful ogaming experience.

Charge it up then...

(Captain) FrostMourne of Atlantis.

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Anonymous said...

Hello if im the first to come ill take it, and if i do get it, its really nice of you to give it away instead of deleting it. You can send the account info to

Celeborn said...

Aie!? :S

Sorry Mate. I already gave the account to someone else. You were too late in asking. I got someone in just a few days after the post.

Thanks for your interest anyways.