Sunday, January 10, 2010

Making Latex Work on Fedora 12

Although, TeX packages can be easily installed via the Add/Remove software, I find it easier to use the command-line specially when you need to install the tex packages.

Just issue the following commands as root to get everything working. Some packages might be redundant but they do get all the aspects of compiling tex documents and their bib files working.

yum - y install tetex-latex
yum - y install texlive
yum - y install tetex-IEEEtran

After installing these packages, you can compile your documents to pdf easily using pdflatex documentname.tex and bibtex bibliography.aux and there you have it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Celeborn, saved my day! I just installed F12 KDE and for some reason pdflatex doesn't (didn't?) come with the install.

Cheers, Gijs

Celeborn said...

You are very welcome. Glad I could be of help.