Monday, December 17, 2012

[Halo] Forerunner Timeline as I understand it

So far, this is how I picture the events to have taken place during the Human-Forerunner and Forerunner-Flood Wars

  • Human-Forerunner War
  • Ur-Didact defeats the Humans and devolves them
  • Discovery of the Flood by the Forerunners
  • Brief Forerunner-Flood War
  • Commissioning of Halos to eradicate the Flood should they emerge again
    •  Ur-Didact opposes to this for his belief in the Mantle and eventually exiled on Erde-Tyrene
  • Bornstellar discovers Ur-Didact's Cryptum and wakes him
  • The two travel to various scarred Worlds and Ur-Didact bestows his memories and knowledge to Bornstellar via a Brevet Mutation
  • They are found by Master Builder Faber who exiles Ur-Didact to a Flood invested planet
  • Bornstellar is returned to Forerunner territory and becomes the new Didact
  • Forerunner capital attacked by Mendicant Bias and Faber executed due to War Crimes
  • Bornstellar finds Mendicant's installation (Halo 7), commandeers it to obtain the Composer

  • [Unknown Events]
  • Flood threat arises again
  •  Ur-Didact returns and prepares for battle
    • Uses human population on Halos to compose an army of Prometheans
  • The Librarian seriously abhors this act and imprisons the Ur-Didact on Requiem
  • The Librarian completes Indexing of Sentient Species
  • [Unknown Events .. but include implantation of Genesong to John-117's ancestors, possibly with an imprint of Forthencho (wild wild guess since he was the greatest threat to the Ur-Didact)]

  • (Presumably) Bornstellar activates the Halo Array to cleanse the Galaxy