Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Decline of the Human Race

By now the blogging community is well aware of the mishaps of several bloggers.  With Death threats to sexual harassment. But the latest threats have been targeted in such a way that it shook the very foundation of the blogosphere.

Where are we going?  Why so much hatred being between people of your own kind?  Why so much hatred towards people who are respected citizens who are ever contributing to make this world of ours a better place?

My full votes to a Blogging Code of Conduct.  The current situation is utterly unacceptable and repugnant.

My salutations and kind regards to those who were affected by those of our kind who are in decline with no social ethics and moral.  Let's keep our dear world going on and not give those pricks too much attention. That will just keep them goign on.

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Cheers to the Wonderful world of Blogging, where all of us are related through the language of Writing...

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