Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Safari on Windows

Ah! Here comes another web browser for the Windows platform and its from no other firm than Microsoft sworn rival Apple.  Apple has launched a public beta of its most famous Safari browser for the windows environment. As soon as I got hint of this from the BBC news technology section, I checked it out for myself.

The software is a sleek and elegant masterpiece, well-crafted to fit the needs of the web browser.  It is not as bulky as Firefox and starts in a split second, so fast you don't even realise it. And when I say fast, I mean faster than any other application that lurks in your PC. It renders web pages quickly and effortlessly, though for now you might have some troubles viewing some pages, but that wasn't much of a problem for me.  It opened all my pages flawlessly.  If its doing so good in beta, I can just wonder what the final release will be like.

You have the option to download most used plug-ins when you request to get the package from the apple web site.  Only the most needed plug-ins are available, such adobe flash, adobe reader, java and so on.

I am myself only starting to use it and I more than very happy with it.  I am sure it will become one of my browsers of choice in a few days time, due to its simplicity and ease of use.

Check out :

Want to know the reason behind Apple launching Safari for Windows... view it on BBC News.

Its definitely worth a try...

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