Monday, August 29, 2005

Finished. Packed. Submitted.


After a long 4 years of struggle to computerise the Administration of the college, today my efforts finally became fruitful.

Sleepless nights. Continuous debugging. Crisis with the database and the relationships. And amendments of pseudocodes and algorithm one after the other.

These last 2 years have been painful. And on top of that was Physics, with its infinite number of things to memorise.

But, today we DID it. We submitted the computer project and a huge mountain of stress dissipated with it.

426 pages of documentation and a Mini-CD of the software and user manual.

11h21. Got in that huge room which is the computer lab and let my little baby away from me. Signed the submission papers and here it was, DONE. Frustrations, stress, nothing more.

Just the fear of the markings left. And the hell, we were just a few who returned the coursework!
Why didn't the other guys?!?! Making us work like hell for 7 days without any good meals and good sleep just to tell us that the deadline had been extended till the 7th of September.

Aaaarg ...

Ok Chill.

None of us was really pleased to let a 2 year project go like this...It will be marked and then be put in a storeroom where it will be stored for approximately another 2 years and after that it will eventually go to the desintegration room.

But why the hell don't they return them back!!!

So much effort, so much sacrificed time and everything we put into it, its not just for marks god heck damn it, at least, as far as I am concerned.

So here it was, the end of all things... and 7 years of Computer Studies and Computing. All packed and ready to go to Cambridge.

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