Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday 31 August 2005

Wednesday, 31 August 2005

Guess what now???  Woke up late again…the usual story…first woke up at 4 am and then went back to sleep some 15 minutes later to wake at 6.30 am.

The hell got damn late at school.

Gulz called me twice to ask where I was!  The second time he called on the behest of Mr. Lalloo!!!  

And Lalloo won’t start a physics class without me, knowing that I’m on my way.

Arriving there, essoufflé…I managed to locate the class and now would you believe that the Moderator was already here???  At 8h45 in the morning!!!

Ok now…”Sir, sorry for the lateness but now I gotta meet the moderator!”

Oh god thanks that guy had a big heart.

Rush rush rush to the computer lab. Mr Joe made his way towards me fighting through the crowd of Form V and Upper VI present to tell what I was about to do and how to deal with guy!

But hey that was Mr. CHONG in there!!!  The same guy who came when I was in form V.

When my turn came to go for the “interview,” as Mr. Lalloo puts it, I went in, head high and my opponent right in front of me ready for encounter.

One hand gesture and I knew I had to sit and explain myself.  He kept his strict character well ahead of him the guy.  Was like that 2 year ago too.

He asked me questions about what my software did and how I managed to put so much in it and what I used for the development.  He talked in a low tone, I had to push myself towards him to get a hint of what he was saying.  Then, after some 5 questions, came the ultimate one.

He asked me about Mr. Mohung for a long time and then some more questions and it was over. Seems like he had read my acknowledgements page before I got in the room.

Joe signaled that everything was alright and his face told me that I kinda made an impression in there.

What was most beautiful to see was the ghost-like face of Marsu!??!?!  Haha he was so panicked  and stressed, a little more pressure and he’d get himself wet.  Serves him right.  Making someone like Mr. Mohung do his whole project for him.  Bloody cheater.
He should thank god everyday for having put so kind-hearted people like Mr. Mohung in this earth.  Whatever be the student this guy would do almost anything to help a student out.

Then it was the usual, the guys were doing a chess tournament and I check Haashim’s new mobile options and so on.  

Then it was Chattun’s great Maths Class and then 2 frees and then to the dentist for the regular 3 week check ups.

Now what???  Listening to some Tori Amos…and keeping this journal up to date.

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