Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Firefox Extensions

  1. FEBE - FEBE, Fire Extensions Backup Extension is a handy software which enables you to back up all those sweet extensions which make your life much easier while using the web with Firefox.  It has options to allow you to backup your entire profile, from addons to themes and passwords, or you can just choose to backup those things you wish to.
  2. Adblock Plus - Block those nasty popups which ruins the web browsing fun
  3. Colorful Tabs - Have a different colour for each tab you open, makes Firefox a load more appealing and easier to distinguish between tabs.
  4. FlashGot - Got a download manager.  Then this extension is yours.  FlashGot supports a large variety of Download managers.  Just select the one you want to use it with and it will do the work of sending the download link to that precious download manager of yours.
  5. FoxNotes - Handy note taking addon.
  6. Morning Coffee - Open all those sites you visit everyday in just one-click of a button.  You go through the hassle of typing and opening a tab for all those mail accounts and news you need to check.  Morning Coffee will help you open all those in just one click and more, you can customize which tabs you want to open on which day of the week.  One sip of it and you won't wanna let go...
All these extensions are available at Firefox Addons for download.


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