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World Sex Records


World Sex Records, by Pravda

1.       Judging upon the work of Doctor Jacobus, which was published in 1935, the largest erected human penis was 30 centimeters long. The smallest penis in the world is only one centimeter long.

2.       There is an illness, at which a man does not have a penis at all - the illness is called Congenital Hypoplasia.

3.       T.H. van de Helde says that male testicles do not vary much in size. However, there is a parasite worm, which blocks lymphatic vessels and causes a very big scrotum tumor.
Men of certain African and Indonesian tribes proudly demonstrate such swollen testicles as a symbol of their masculinity.

4.       When Egyptian conquered Libya, they took possession of 13,320 penises of their defeated enemy. The hideous event took place in the 13th century B.C.

5.       W.F. Benedict wrote in the book "The Sexual Anatomy of Women" that a 14-year-old girl's breasts weighed 6.3 kilograms. The book also contains the description of the breasts of a 30-year-old woman - hers weighed 11.3 kilograms.

6.       Swiss biologist Albrecht von Haller said that he once saw a clitoris, which was 30.5 centimeters long. [I think one's kinda bogus]

7.       The largest buttocks, up to one meter in diameter, can be observed with females from several African tribes, the Hottentotten tribe.

8.       Scotch resident Anna Swan (1846-1888) used to be the proud owner of the longest vagina in the world - 2 meters 30 centimeters. [Can someone explain how this is possible??!  Come on, 2.5 METERS!!!?!]

9.       The largest penis of a mammal belongs to the African elephant - it is up to two meters long. [Well, for a whale its 8 meters wrong, if I'm not mistaken]

10.   The longest spermatozoon is owned by Drosophila Bifurca insect. Its spermatozoon is six centimeters long, which is 20 times as longer as the body of the insect.

11.   Egyptian Sundevall mouse has about a hundred of copulations per hour.

12.   The longest sexual intercourse was performed by a couple of rattlesnakes (Crotalus L.) that were making love for 23 hours and 15 minutes.

13.   Mosquitoes copulate with each other for just three seconds.

14.   Pigs may experience a 30-minute long orgasm. [Wooohoo, that's why they are so damn lazy and eat so much!!  Requires a lot of work in there… No wonder!!]

15.   Mountainous salamander Hynobius nigrescen's pregnancy varies depending on the height, at which the animal lives. Its pregnancy may last for more than three years at the height of 1,400 meters above the sea level.

16.   The Guinness Book of World Records says that the male of East-Australian mouse Antechinus Stuartii leads the most dangerous sex life.  Every year these mice arrange a massive copulation, when the entire male population of the species copulates with numerous females.Males try to eat several possible rivals too. As a result, injuries, hunger, infections and ulcers kill the entire male population of Antechinus stuartii in just several days.

17.   Porn star John Dough could satisfy 55 women a day.

18.   A woman named as Houston shocked the entire civilized world with the orgy in 1999, during which she slept with 620 men in ten hours. [Ahem!!!]

19.   Doctor Vernon Coleman registered the longest sexual intercourse, which lasted for 15 hours. The record was set by movie star Mae West and her lover, known only as Ted.

20.   The largest sex orgy took place in the year 200 B.C. in Rome, when about 7,000 people abandoned themselves to their love passions. [Aaaah, indeed the whole is driven by Sex eh?!!]

21.   Captain Cook visited the Kingdom of Tonga in 1777, as he was traveling on the islands in the Pacific Ocean. Cook met King Fatafehi Paulah, who told the captain that only the king had a right to deflower all local girls. The 80-year-old king said that he had sex with eight or ten virgins on daily basis. Therefore, the tribal king deflowered over 37,000 local girls throughout his life.

22.   Kenny Mccoughty delivered seven babies at once on 19 November, 1997 to her husband Bobbie. They became the happy parents with the largest number of babies born in one birth.

23.   Lina Medina from Peru became the youngest mother at the age of five, when she delivered a baby boy in 1936. Doctors had to perform a Cesarean section.

24.   Englishman Sean Stewart became the youngest father in 1998 at the age of 12.

25.   Woman named as Arceli Keh was aged 63, when she delivered a daughter, Czanthia, in 1996.

26.   Miner Les Colley (1898 - 1998) became the oldest father, when he was 93 years old.

- Pravda

These were taken from Document with Header:

Some world records
Pravda recently published this of the most outstanding sex records of all times.
Dec 17, 2004

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